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Early parliamentary elections in Moldova

Early Elections

Parliamentary elections will take place in Moldova on 11th of July 2021. Following the resignation of Ion Chicu, the position of Prime Minister became vacant, with the Parliament being obligated to form a new government within 3 months. After the expiration of the constitutionally mandated period and two failed attempts to win parliamentary approval for the proposed cabinets, the Constitutional Court ruled on 15 April that the circumstances justifying the dissolution of the parliament were met. President Maia Sandu signed the decree dissolving the parliament on 28 April.

Prediction of the election results

One of the final polls ahead of the elections, published on July 1, suggests that Moldovans are about to hand Sandu’s Party, Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), not just a majority, but a majority large enough to implement constitutional changes.

The poll, carried out by CBS-Research, a local affiliate of the European Endowment for Democracy, puts support for PAS at 35%, well ahead of Dodon’s Socialists (who have formed an electoral pact with the Moldovan Communist party of another former president, Vladimir Voronin) on 21%. Amongst those who say that they are certain to vote, support for PAS jumps to over 50%. Meaning that there is a chance that PAS would be redistributed enough to seats to claim its constitutional majority. If this happens the composition of the parliament will completely change because things not looking good for other parties. The Social Democratic Party (DPM), currently, holds 10 seats in parliament, but according to the polls, the DPM will not even be able to get one seat in parliament. Polls indicate that the PDM will get around 2% of the votes, meaning that the DPM will not pass the threshold of 6% for political parties.


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